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Experience A Seamless Grantmaking Process

Software to simplify and automate every facet of the grantmaking process, so you can be more agile and create more impact.

Software To Handle Every Step

With the most sophisticated grants management software on today’s market, CyberGrants has powered foundations to grant billions of dollars to support communities all over the world. As innovators in grantmaking, we’ve encountered and anticipated the world’s largest grantmakers needs for nearly 20 years. Our comprehensive and highly configurable platform can meet your every need, even as your needs evolve.

Everyone Benefits When You Choose CyberGrants

Make your mark on the world with grants management software that inspires, engages and eases the grants lifecycle for all involved. CyberGrants streamlines operations by automatically checking Tax IDs, scanning data against watch lists, integrating with accounts payable systems, automating reporting tasks, automating communication with grantseekers, reporting on your collective impact of all your charitable efforts, and so much more.

Inspire nonprofits to dream big with a simplistic and intuitive grants application process powered by CyberGrants. Reduce applicant drop off rate, simplify the pre-qualification process, and automate approvals with ease. Engage qualified grantseekers with regular communication, quick disbursements, online/phone support, and more.

Key Features And Benefits For Grantmakers

Track budgets icon

Track Budgets Effectively

Track grant allocations against your budget line-items to ensure expenditure expectations are within set limitations.

Dashboard icon

Create Specific Dashboards

Maximize your impact by giving your people the option to give at anytime, anywhere.

Role based access icon

Provide Role-Based Access

Give special permissions to search across grants, review grant status, access reports, or administer the system.

Automated approval icon

Expedite Approvals

Speed up the approval process with the most adaptable system at your fingertips. Approvals can happen online through our configurable, rules-based system or offline.

Flexible approval icon

Establish Approval Parameters

Increase qualified applicant submissions and ensure the wrong ones don’t get through the system by setting detailed guidelines dependent on approval.

Multiple locations icon

Harmonize Multiple Locations

Bring consistency to all your locations with a unified platform built to support businesses at regional, national and international levels.

Compliance and Risk Management

Monitor tax status and perform a watchlist scan.

CyberGrants integrates list-checking against authoritative databases, so you don’t have to separately perform your own validation through other sources. Even after you approve the grant, CyberGrants allows you to monitor an organization’s tax status or perform a watchlist scan.

  • 501(c)(3) status against the IRS business master file
  • K-12 accredited schools and districts
  • Choice of up to 45 US and international watchlists
  • Vetting through partners where online databases are not applicable or available

Multilingual and Multi-currency Support, Your Generosity Can Span The Globe.

CyberGrants spans international boundaries so you can review and approve grants no matter where you are in the world. Whatever device you use and in whatever location worldwide where your grants can do the most good.

Simplify Every Step for Grantmakers

CyberGrants focuses on all opportunities to streamline operations for clients by automatically checking Tax IDs, automatically scanning data against watch lists, integrating with accounts payable systems and product ordering systems, facilitating grant reviews with its powerful workflow engine, automating reporting tasks via report scheduling and empowering employees with a highly functional interface that offers a single point of entry for entering giving and volunteering information, learning about other opportunities and corporate philanthropic success and reviewing a full history of past activities.

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Key Features And Benefits For Grantseekers

Grant status icon

Current Status Always Available

Grantseekers can access the status of their grant at any time during the approval process, and also track their progress against any special grant requirements such as progress reports or surveys.

Qualification questionnaire icon

Save Time With Pre-qualification

Our pre-qualification questionnaire helps grantseekers self-select out of the process before they even begin so no time is wasted finding funds for their organization.

Central login icon

Online and Phone Support Available

Grantseekers may access FAQs or initiate contact through a request form. Our support staff, based out of our headquarters, can answer their questions on your behalf.

Central login icon

Vast Network Accessible With One Central Login

By joining the powerful CyberGrants network, grantseekers can access all their grants across all organizations through one central login and follow up on applications.

Automated Communication

Automated Communication

Gain valuable data to evaluate the performance of your employee giving program at any given moment.

Experience the CyberGrants Difference

CyberGrants has been the leading grants management software for nearly 20 years. Whether you’re managing a private, family foundation or the grants program for a large corporation, we can help streamline and simplify your programs’ implementation, management, disbursements, and reporting, so you can focus on making an even bigger impact on the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What parts of the grants management process does CyberGrants automate?

From qualification and submission to approval and post-award analysis, CyberGrants supports the complete grantmaking lifecycle. The system is robust and flexible enough to automate the full scope of your grantmaking needs, including payments, reporting, communicating with your end users, and more.

How long does implementation take?

Implementation timing varies based on the programs and complexity of your needs. CyberGrants utilizes a four-step implementation methodology as a guideline for all our implementations. This process has been refined over hundreds of implementations and is tailored to fit the unique needs of each client. Each implementation is assigned a project manager and implementation consultant who will work closely with your team to manage the process and insure your needs are met.

What kind of support can you provide to our end users?

Grantseekers and NPOs will have access to phone and email based support from our Contact Centers. The Contact Centers are based in our corporate offices in Andover, MA and Princeton, NJ and work closely with our account teams to provide your users the most complete and updated information..

How will I report on my data?

Dashboards, and standard, ad hoc, and custom reports are available. Your CyberGrants team will work with you to determine the best way to report on the impact your programming is having.