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Viral Engagement gets your entire workforce invested in your causes

Connect your employees to the highest mission of your company.

Harness powerful, peer-driven techniques to drive immediate increases in buy-in, participation, and contribution.

With Viral Engagement powered by CyberGrants, you can leverage the passion and social channels that your workers have and use. Engage them with peer-to-peer viral sharing on the communication channels of their choice and see participation in your giving programs accelerate.


Personalized dashboards

Dashboards allow employees to clearly and immediately see their individual impact. Tracking progress toward their individual and team goals is a powerful motivator and a way to recognize accomplishment. In addition, knowing their impact on the programs they participate in and care about deepens their connection to the cause.


Friendly rivalry draws on natural human competitiveness to amp up volunteerism and gift-giving. Leaderboards showcase the high-achieving volunteers individually, or teams organized by region, business unit, department or location. Bringing "gamification" techniques to philanthrophy magnifies the impact an organization can have.

Activity Feed

Live Activity Feeds

Live activity feeds allow workers to post using interfaces that mimic popular social media platforms. They can post their own event photos, promote their own causes and recognize each others' accomplishments. This builds esprit de corps, maximizes connectedness and awareness, and creates buzz around your initiatives.

Top-down driven philanthropy is no longer enough

The old model for corporate philanthropy, where senior executives set the course for the company, falls short with today's workers. More and more workers, of all ages and demographics, look to social media channels to make decisions about what causes to support, where to invest their time, and where to direct their dollars.



of millennial respondents said they posted about social issues on social media platforms.



of millennials are more likely to give if competition is involved.


Millennials are more likely to donate if asked by a:

  • co-worker 46%
  • supervisor 27%
  • top executive 21%

Millennials are more likely to volunteer if their:

  • co-workers participate 65%
  • supervisor participates 44%

Make your mission come to life

Connect your employees to the highest philanthropic missions of your company. By harnessing powerful, peer-driven techniques to drive immediate increases in buy-in, participation, and contribution.

Learn more about viral engagement

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