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Maximize Your ImpactThrough Employee Engagement

CSR software to manage employee giving through a wide range of corporate philanthropy programs and any new ones you dream up, so you can be more agile and create more impact.

Programs You Can Support With CyberGrants

Create the most engaging employee giving programs with our unique CSR software. Connect your company emotionally with causes that matter most to your employees with the help of matching gifts, Dollars for Doers, Disaster Relief and more. CyberGrants enables a frictionless flow of resources to those who can benefit from them most.

Matching gifts icon

Matching Gifts

Amplify employee engagement initiatives with matching gifts and promote causes that mean the most to your employees.

Dollars for doers icon

Dollars for Doers

Offer monetary incentives to strengthen your CSR impact and boost employee engagement.

Individual and team volunteerism icon

Individual and Team Volunteerism

Measure and evaluate volunteering in your giving program with our intuitive features.

Disaster relief icon

Disaster Relief

Provide employees with the chance to assist those in need during unexpected catastrophic events that touch their hearts.

Payroll deduction icon

Payroll Deduction

Give employees the chance to support what means the most to them with payroll deduction.

Event management icon

Event Management

Companies provide a listing of corporate volunteer opportunities for their employees. Events are searchable by date, location, interests. Volunteer hours are recorded and tracked for reporting purposes.

Political Action Campaigns icon

Political Action Campaigns

Provide your employees a secure platform to pool resources and help their voices be heard on issues they care about most.

Team incentive program icon

Team Incentive Program

Corporate social responsibility programs where groups of employees volunteer together to earn money or other incentives according to the amount of time they serve.

Charitable Spending program icon

Charitable Spending Account

Similar to popular Health Budget Accounts, the Charitable Spending Account allows employees to set aside pretax dollars for donations.

Employee Assistance program icon

Employee Assistance

Show your employees that their company and coworkers have their backs. Employees can apply for financial support or employees can donate to the Employee Relief Fund.

Tuition program icon

Tuition Reimbursement

Encourage your employees to continue their education with a tuition reimbursement program. Scholarship programs can also be made available for family members’ education expenses.

Wellness icon

Wellness Programs

Support your employees’ comprehensive wellness goals and reap the benefits of a healthier, happier workforce.

Product/In Kind Giving program icon

Product/In Kind Giving

Help make an impact by donating needed goods and services to charitable organizations for their use (e.g. product, computers, software, airline miles, etc.).

CD Service Hours program icon

CD Service Hours

Fulfill your CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) requirements and support your assigned assessment areas by encouraging your employees to engage in community service programs targeted to support low- and moderate income individuals or families.

Board Service icon

Board Service

Advance research, innovation, and medical education to improve healthcare access and patient outcomes.

Connect your employees to each other and to the highest mission of your company

Center your employee giving program around engagement and watch it take off. 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work, and this is where employee giving programs come into place. Empower your people to support causes of their choice and watch employee engagement flourish.

Software Features That Benefit Your Employees

Easy to use interface icon

One Interface For Employees

Simplify the giving experience for your people with our easy-to-use interface.

Access Anywhere icon

Access From Anywhere

Maximize your impact by giving your people the option to give at anytime, anywhere.

Role-based accesss icon

Role-Based Access

Our highly configurable dashboards gives each role exactly what they need, from admins who need to see a holistic view of all efforts to program managers who are more focused on the day to day innerworkings.

Eligibility checks icon

Online Eligibility Checks

Assure your people know if they are eligible for program benefits.

CyberGrants tracked over
ten million volunteer hours in 2018

Employee Engagement For You

Making employee giving easier than ever, you have the advantage of having all of your grantmaking and employee engagement initiatives all in one proven CSR software. Increase employee engagement and participation in your company’s employee giving program with the industry’s most complete system.

Participating in 40% of all corporate giving

Software Features That Benefit You

Robust real-time reporting icon

Robust, Real-Time Reporting

Pull reports on anything, at anytime with our powerful tools built right into our platform. Gain valuable data to evaluate the performance of your employee giving program at any given moment.

Corporate volunteering icon

Corporate Volunteering

Engage your brand in the community with corporate volunteering and elevate your impact.

Rules-based approvals icon

Rules-based approvals

CyberGrants takes the complexity out of comprehensive approval processes by automating approvals using set guidelines. This lessens administrative burdens and the back and forth the approval process generally has.

Automated Payroll icon

Automated Payroll

Reduce administrative costs by letting our CSR software do all of the payroll work for you.

Support for global programs icon

Streamline Global Programs

We support multiple languages and currencies, so you can make the world a better place with access to charities all over the world.

Executive dashboard icon

Executive dashboards

Gain a bird’s eye view of your company or foundations entire initiatives with our robust, configurable dashboards that let’s execs choose exactly what they need to see, at-a-glance.

Experience the CyberGrants Difference

Create meaningful engagement opportunities so your employees can have a hand in making the world a better place. CyberGrants corporate social responsibility software supports a wide range of corporate philanthropic programs, so you can more easily give time, money, and products to those in need. With our global capabilities, you can use the same CSR software no matter where in the world your employees are, and wherever your efforts take you.

Schedule time with one of our Client Solutions Experts today. If and when your needs change, the CyberGrants platform is agile enough to still deliver for you.

Speak With An Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Can CyberGrants accommodate a program that’s already developed?

Our team has worked on programs for some of the most sophisticated and generous organizations in the world. You can leverage their experience to accommodate your existing program as is, refine or optimize your current programs, and/or help you develop a brand new program. Our goal is to help you be as agile as possible, so you can create the greatest impact.

What kind of support can CyberGrants provide to our end users?

Employees and retirees can have access to phone and email based support from our Contact Centers. The Contact Centers are based in our corporate offices in Andover, MA and Princeton, NJ and work closely with our account teams to provide your users the most complete and updated information.

How does CyberGrants facilitate multiple administrators?

The CyberGrants system is designed to easily accommodate multiple administrators. Your users can be given various levels of system access and approvals based on their roles and requirements.

How does CyberGrants update its software and what does it cost?

CyberGrants regularly adds new features to our software and makes them available at no charge to our customers.

Can we manage the system ourselves?

Yes, CyberGrants is designed to be self-managed (e.g. admins can activate/turn off disaster relief programs, grant various approvals, etc.). Of course, you’ll have a team of CyberGrants experts assigned to your account if you need additional support.

How will I report on my data?

Standard, ad hoc, dashboards, and custom reports are available. Your CyberGrants team will work with you to determine the best way to report on the impact your programming is having.